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CARIBBEAN - golf -Readymix/TCL Fourth South Caribbean Golf Open

Desmond  Haynes  playing at Royal Westmoreland in Barbados

Haynes full of praise for Golf Open

Date September 29, 2005 Compliments of the Nation News

A TRULY ENTERTAINING and beneficial experience was how former West Indies opening batsman Desmond Haynes and Hadley Byer described the just concluded Readymix/TCL Fourth South Caribbean Golf Open at the Tobago Plantations Beach and Golf Resort.

Haynes, with a handicap of ten, placed third in his division while Byer did not place.

Haynes said the entire event was exciting and provided an opportunity for them to come up against some of the top players in the game from throughout the Caribbean.

"It was a pleasure playing against the likes of defending champion Carlos "Sexy" Baynes out of Trinidad as well as Trevor Lavine from St. Kitts. The level of competition was very high and challenging, but I was able to perform admirably."

These sentiments were echoed by teammate Byer, who suggested the tournament served not only as a competition among golfers, but as a chance to build and strengthen relationships.

Both were also full of praise for the organisers, observing that the standard was comparable to other tournaments of the same, if not of a higher level throughout the world. (Press release)


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