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BARBADOS South Coast beaches

The beaches in Barbados are as diverse as its geography, people, culture and religion! Whatever your personal preference Barbados has a piece of paradise just for you. The 70 miles of coastline provides such a wide choice that every taste is catered for. Exploration is the key to discovery and the islands best beaches are dealt with parish by parish.

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Rockley/Accra Beach is one of the longest and loveliest stretches of beach on the south coast Rockley/Accra Beach is one of the longest and loveliest stretches of beach on the south coast, it is particularly popular with the young local Bajans and visitors alike. After the drive through the busy built up residential area from Bridgetown through Hastings, Rockley Beach is an oasis of natural beauty. The beach was purchased by the Government in the 70's and extensive work has been carried out by the Parks and Beaches Commission.


They provide a life-saving service to cater for visitors to this popular beach resort, because despite the waters being calm, with moderate waves only, there is a little undertow, and this service is greatly appreciated. The Beach is great for body surfing and body watching alike!

Rockley/Accra Beach is one of the longest and loveliest stretches of beach on the south coast
Barbados Roots

There are also numerous local vendors who have set up their crafts and trade along the beach. Here you can purchase anything from a tie-dye wrap around skirt, to leather goods or beads made from shells. There is parking on the beach and for your convenience a variety of food and drink venues close at hand, it is little wonder that Rockley is very popular.

With great golfing and tennis facilities Rockley is a great place for that sporting holiday you have always promised your self!

Click here... to view some of the best villas, hotels and apartments on the South Coast of Barbados.


Caribbean Cricket

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Sandy Beach, Barbados is calm and clear with safe shallow waters

Located in the Worthing area in Christ Church, Sandy Beach is calm and clear with safe shallow waters. It is an ideal location for picnics especially with young children.

Beach shopping If you visit at low tide, the tide may be out and you can explore the reef for creatures that live and hide there.
Be warned, wear swimming shoes, the reef can be sharp and sea urchins can be very prickly! If you visit at high tide it's great for snorkelling.

Beach shopping There is easy access to this beach and parking is available at a nearby parking lot or on the beach itself. Food and drinks are readily accessible at terrace beach bars. Jet-skis and windsurfing facilities are sometimes available, as well as chair and umbrella rentals.

Shells Restaurant

And day or night why not enjoy great food at this funkie little restaurant... a wonderful place while away a few hours with friends and a cold beer!!

Beach at sunset
Sandy Beach is indeed a picturesque lagoon and well worth a visit.

Especially at sunset... enjoy!!


South Coast beach in Barbados...paradise
windsurfing in Barbados Located at the southern end of the St. Lawrence Gap 'strip' is Dover Beach, a popular beach among south coast visitors and locals alike. There is a slightly stronger current than most of the other South Coast beaches with medium waves. There is a cool refreshing breeze on this beach and wind-surfing is very popular. Food can be obtained from many nearby restaurants and a number of facilities are close at hand, which adds to its appeal.

South East Beaches


	Enterprise/Miami Beach in Barbados, it  is very popular among locals. This lively location is fringed by a row of Casuarina trees creating a lovely shaded rest area. Along Enterprise Road heading towards South Point you will find another fine stretch of beach and beautiful crystal clear water. This is Enterprise/Miami Beach, it is very popular among locals. This lively location is fringed by a row of Casuarina trees creating a lovely shaded rest area.
A definite gathering area for the school children on summer holidays and families can be found in large numbers, especially during bank holidays. There is a slight remnant of a type of coastal forest, thorn scrub covers some of the low level sea rocks in this area.

Manchineel trees on a south coast beach in Barbados.

Wind-blown whitewood and manchineel trees are dotted around. The Manchineel trees boast a tempting little "apple type fruit", these should under no circumstance be eaten or even touched, they are poisonous and can be fatal.
There is adequate parking and plenty of shade and food is also available nearby. This is a perfect spot for a picnic.

A big, wide beach with lots of cool trade winds creating a refreshing breeze. This is a lovely beach with easy access from Maxwell coast road. Water sports are available for your enjoyment and for your convenience good quality food and drink can be obtained from the nearby Casuarina Beach Hotel, all reasonable prices.


Here you will experience a typical wind-swept coast, the sand is fine and is blown into dunes which are stabilised by vegetation. These include the sea yam, seaside bean and the spurge.
Windsurfing ib Barbados on the south coast This is an excellent beach for wind-surfing, the long, luxuriously wide expanse of white sandy beach is a beauty. The sea has medium waves, but a strong undertow, with excellent conditions for windsurfing, particularly intermediate and advanced. It is located on the southern most part of Barbados right opposite the Silver Rock Hotel, which has recently reopened after refurbishment as an Adventure Sports Centre. World ranked native windsurfer Brian Talma has a new Windsurfing Academy at the Centre.
A windsurfing equipment shop is located at Silver Rock, this beach has International fame as some of the worlds greatest windsurfers come to enjoy their sport.
Annually Silver Sands hosts the first leg of the PWA World Cup Tour. Our local "boys" are up there with the best, allowing Barbados to feature in the International Stakes!


Long Beach on the south coast of Barbados with numerous attractive little rocky coves. >

After Chancery Lane south of the airport the cliff-bound coastline extends for about five kilometers. There are numerous attractive little rocky coves that extend from the northern corner of Long Bay.
Long Beach stretches for more than a mile from Inch Marlow Point to the cliffs at Paragon. A great discovery because it is seldom visited, either by locals or visitors. This desolate spot has a very private setting, it is surrounded by 'rab' land and jagged cliffs. The nearby Long Beach Club has some facilities, otherwise, the beach has only solitude to offer!
It is however debatable how long this will remain so, as plans are afoot for houses, shops and recreational facilities.

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