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THE TEN DOLLAR CLUB - Bansang Hospital Appeal, May 2003

Bansang Hospital Appeal $800 was given to the Bansang Hospital Appeal to purchase and dispense vital medicines in The Gambia. It's simply unacceptable that that a hospital can run out of antibiotics and infants can go without vitamin-rich formula. In a world where Malaria claims more lives than AIDS, children go untreated. It does not have to be this way.

Anita Smith, who runs the appeal for the hospital, tells me that "The currency of The Gambia is currently worth one third of its value of two years ago. This means that the hospital has had a catastrophic reduction in basic drugs. Your donation to the Bansang Hospital Appeal is a timely one, as we can use it to address this terrible situation. We in the West take antibiotics for granted, but in Africa they are precious and save lives every day. At current prices your donation will allow 6,000 children to have a full course of treatment without which they would inevitably die."

"This is a frank and, at times, graphic account of Anita Smith and her work, since 1992, on behalf of the patients at the isolated third world hospital in Bansang, West Africa.

Especially the children who rely on its under resourced and over stretched facilities for their life saving health care needs"

Below extracts from a letter from Anita Smith

Dear visitor,

To be given this opportunity of welcoming you to the Bansang Hospital Appeal Charity ...

I also sincerely hope that the contents of the many pages will have been thought provoking enough to perhaps inspire you to become a friend of the Bansang Hospital Appeal Charity. Yes every donor, whether active or passive, to the Appeal is considered to be a true friend and I can assure you that your involvement will make a real difference to the lives of so many.

If you are a visitor to my web site this is the perfect opportunity, at the outset, for me to outline the following attributes of the Appeal:

The Appeal has always received and continues to receive the full cooperation of the Gambian Government in all of its work within The Gambia. President Yahya spoke at length, on the radio and TV, of the Appeals work and in particular the magnificent support that the hospital was receiving from Kettering General Hospital. Following these broadcasts I had the honour of a two hour meeting with the President. During this meeting we discussed in great detail the Appeals work and how the Government could continue to assist in the future.

The Appeal has an extremely close working relationship with the Bansang Hospital management board and all proposed medical aid deliveries and development projects are fully discussed before they are implemented. During my regular visits to the hospital, detailed discussions take place on all issues relevant to the charities work.



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The Appeal enjoys a very special relationships with a number of UK National Health Hospitals. These close relationships have benefitted and continue to benefit the staff at the hospital in enabling them to gain vital help and guidance on all medical matters.

The Appeal is a compact "hands on" charity that prides itself on delivering precise and carefully targeted medical aid and assistance. This ensures that the maximum effect in patient care and rehabilitation is always achieved.

All donors of money are advised of exactly where their charitable donation is to be used, should they request to know.

All charitable donations are spent in the most prudent and cost effective manner that will most benefit all patients within the hospital.

I have often dreamt that it would be so much nicer if there was no illness or poverty in the world and everyone was equal. However until that day arrives I will continue to spend every waking hour trying to make a difference to the wonderful people of Bansang.

Kind regards,
Anita Smith

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        Peter McCormick Dr Peter McCormick became actively involved with the Appeal, following his retirement from General Medical Practice, in 1996. His input over the years has been central to the continued success of the project and I was especially thrilled when he accepted the role as Chief Medical Advisor to the Appeal. His advice and guidance over the years have been invalulable and his continued friendship is treasured.


Malaria is one of the biggest killers amongst the population and the particular strain in Bansang is especially lethal amongst children who are, unfortunately, the most susceptible. It strikes vast numbers during the rainy season and immediate hospitilisation and treatment is essential.

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