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TEN DOLLAR CLUB - projects 2003

Kakuma Camp in KenyaJanuary 2003

The purchase of solar cookers for 47 vulnerable, elderly, and disabled refugee families at Kakuma Camp in Kenya through Solar Cookers International.

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Water well in NicaraguaFebruary 2003

The rehabilitation of a water well in Nicaragua as well as a community workshop on health education there. 80% of rural Nicaraguans lack access to clean drinking water, free from contamination and disease.

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An elderly lady at Parka in the Qinghai ProvinceMarch 2003

The purchase of mattresses, blankets, rice-filled pillows, and bedcovers at a community shelter for the elderly at Parka in the Qinghai Province through the Jinpa Project, a small group helping people in Tibet. This gift is intended to improve the lives of these revered elderly members of the community.

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Belize schoolApril 2003

Provide hot school lunches to children at two schools in Belize for a month (480 hot, nutritious meals) and plant a community garden that will provide wholesome fruits and vegetables to the students there.

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Bansang Hospital AppealMay 2003

Money was given to the Bansang Hospital Appeal to purchase and dispense vital medicines in The Gambia. It's simply unacceptable that that a hospital can run out of antibiotics and infants can go without vitamin-rich formula. In a world where Malaria claims more lives than AIDS, children go untreated. It does not have to be this way.

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South East Asian Children’s Assistance Project 
        (SEACAP)June 2003

Donation made to the South East Asian Childrens Assistance Project (SEACAP), operating a Center for orphaned and disabled children in Vietnam, to fund a part-time doctor to tend to the children there for one full year, a painting teacher for six months, and the salary of the caretaker of the Deaf School during the summer holiday period, and for electricity and minor repairs at the Deaf School during these 3 months.

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  Project RuthJuly 2003

Project Ruth, a group that works to ensure that disadvantaged children in Romania get an education. The money will be used to fund the distribution of toothbrushes and toothpaste to each of the 165 children at the Ruth School as well as the 200 children at other centers affiliated with Project Ruth in Romania and Moldova.

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August 2003

Used to fund the construction of a rainwater catchment tank in Kenya through Waterlines. The proposal was presented by the Moiyet Women's Group in the Bomet region of Kenya southwest of Nairobi. The women's group consists of 20 members, ages 50-80, who have worked together since 1980.

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Gauteng Alliance for Street Children in JohannesburgSeptember 2003

Money was sent to the Gauteng Alliance for Street Children in Johannesburg, South Africa to fund the purchase of first aid kits and blankets for affiliated shelters there that take in and rehabilitate street children. These children's parents have died of HIV/AIDS, are addicted to drugs, are in prison; they are kids who have been raped and beaten, forced to live on the streets, seemingly hopeless.

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October 2003

Given to Project Concern International to assist in the prevention of malaria by purchasing and distributing Insecticide Treated Bed Nets to vulnerable women and children in the Ghanian districts of Wassail West and Wassail Amenfi.

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All As One children’s 
        center in Freetown, Sierra Leone November 2003

Used to purchase a generator and two metal cribs at the All As One childrens center in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The Center provides orphaned children with clothes, food, medical care and an education, while these precious children hopefully await adoption to loving families – including families in the United States.

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Malawi Project to provide maizeDecember 2003

$1,150 went to the Malawi Project to provide maize, a highly coveted staple of the local diet, to 115 home-bound AIDS patients in Malawi for the next two months. Ultimately, each $10 bought two months of food for one AIDS patient in this small African nation of eleven million people. Malawi, one of the poorest nations on the planet, suffers from an extremely high occurrence of AIDS.

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