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Welcome to Tumi Music

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Tumi musicYou have arrived at the leading record label for Latin American and Caribbean music.

Tumi Music is the result of almost 20 years of travelling, eating, sharing and living in Latin America. It gives us great pleasure to be able to share with you through music some of these moments and to explore the cultural heritage of this rich continent.

We pride ourselves on promoting with enthusiasm and foresight, popular, and traditional music as well as forms of music which were previously unknown.


The Latin American link bringing two worlds together through music.
Since 1983 Tumi Music has been at the forefront of the vast and diverse field of Latin music. In that year whilst in Bolivia, Mo Fini, founder of Tumi Music, heard the music of Rumillajta and in particular the poignant voice of Edgar Villarroel, and began to promote them. By organising the first ever European tour by an Andean folk band and releasing City of Stone, Rumillajta's groundbreaking debut album, Tumi Music was born. Taking our name from a ceremonial Inca dagger called the 'Tumi' (one of the most important symbols of heritage for Latin Americans) Tumi Music's objective is to present not only the very best of the popular sounds around such as Son and Salsa but also to build up an ecclectic selection of excellent artists in as diverse fields as Cuban Conga and pre-Hispanic Ocarina music making it possible for these to continue and prosper.

Tumi Music has built up a solid reputation based on pro-active artist promotion, a large touring network, exciting recordings, quality packaging and a long term committment to A&R, regardless of trends or the latest musical fads. Every Tumi Music album is a quality recording, produced by artists expert in their fields and mastered in the highest quality sound studios. Furthermore every production is a carefully thought-out project in itself: expertly designed and beautifully packaged. Today Tumi Music is regarded with the utmost loyalty and respect by all its musicians in Latin America. By realising the potential of various musical styles such as Andean folk music and Cuban music well before any of its competitors, Tumi Music has built up an enviable catalogue of 100 recordings by some of the greatest artists in Latin American and Caribbean music.

Tumi Shops

Tumi has two retail outlets, both selling a wide selection of arts and crafts from Latin America:

Bath Oxford
8/9 bond Street Place Bath, BA1 1BH 1/2 Little Clarendon Street Oxford, OX1 2HP
Tel: 01225 446025 Tel: 01865 512307

Your comments would be most welcome

Should you have any further questions or comments regarding Tumi's activities, both in the UK and Latin America please


Tumi Music Ltd, Westmoreland Station Road, Bath, BA2 3HQ

Tel: 01225 464736- Fax: 01225 444870

Contact for further information and bookings for the Africa Oye Festival,The Triangle, Manchester on June 20th 2004.


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