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Union Island in the distance shot taken from Carriacou Located in the geographical center of the Grenadines, Union is the getaway to the wonderful coral reefs world of the Tobago Cays and to Salt Whistle Bay on Mayerau Island; to the private resort islands of Petit Saint Vincent and Palm Island, and even to the Grenada islands of Petit Martinique & Carriacou.
Each of them having its own character but all of them offering a never ending series of white coral sand beaches, natural bays and lagoons with their reef barriers, set in all shades of turquoise waters. Besides being the paradise destination for most sailors south of Antigua, the Grenadines have become the choice islands of call for most luxury cruise ships offering “a day on a Caribbean Beach” on which they offer a beach day on a natural and unspoiled location. The Grenadines a sailing paradise
The Grenadines showing Uninon Isand in the distance and Sandy Island just off of Carriacou  The Grenadines are unique among other things, in that they have preserved their natural beauty untouched. Of volcanic origin, they surfaced the ocean as active craters some 50 million years ago between the island of St. Vincent in the north and Grenada in the south.

What is left today, and known as “The Grenadines” are the rest of these long extinct and re submerged volcanoes forming a chain of reefs and coral islands which have nothing to envy to those of the South Pacific.

Partly private, partly populated, partly uninhabited, these islands represent the last development opportunities in the otherwise over developed over populated Caribbean.

Carriacou same mooring at Sandy Island
Anchorage Yacht  Club located in Clifton Bay on Union Island (one of the Saint Vincent Grenadines islands)


Information compliments of The "Anchorage Yacht Club" located in Clifton Bay on Union Island.

Caribzones is pleased to be able to offer this property for sale.

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11 acres (523.000 S/F) of prime beach and development land for sale, dominating the coral reef lagoon of Clifton Bay, (the only naturally protected windward anchoring in the southern Caribbean), the A.Y.C. water front is the favorite safe mooring and service / provisions harbor of the Grenadines. This is a unique business opportunity.

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located in Clifton Bay on Union Island (one of the Saint Vincent Grenadines islands)



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While most of the Caribbean has a high percentage of rainy days throughout the year, rainfalls are scarce on Union Island and on the Grenadines, where the sun shines more than 300 day’s per year, with temperatures in the 80’s and a permanent cool breeze.

While all other Caribbean areas are subject to tropical storms and hurricanes in the rainy season (September through November), the Grenadines are considered to be below the Caribbean hurricane belt and have practically no historical track record of devastating natural events.

Well known worldwide for their private luxury resort islands such as Union Island, Mustique, Cannouan, Petit Saint Vincent, and Palm Island -among others-, they represent the dream destination for all sailors and sun-seeking tourists from the Virgin Islands to Venezuela.



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