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You have this concept. A vision. The big idea. How do YOU see it? How do you transform the picture in you mind's eye into profit? Or capture it for posterity? Talk to Video and Photo Images. We're a small organization with big capabilities in producing videography and photography of the highest calibre. Bring us your vision. We'll add the expertise of our dedicated, creative and professional team, plus international standards of technology. The end result? Your big idea becomes impactful, effective reality.

Our videography services include the shooting and editing of television commercials, documentaries, infomercials, training tapes, in-house promotional projects, music videos and special events such as seminars, conventions, weddings and other celebrations.

We also produce high quality two and three-dimensional animation. Projects can be provided in a variety of formats including DVD.
Our photography division specializes in the creation of conventional and digital images for projects such as album covers, calendars, postcards, press and print advertising, editorial features, hotel brochures, real estate promotion and much more.

Video and Photo Images possesses the ideal mix of talent and experience that will make your project a successful reality. Our atmosphere is creative, fun, relaxed & yet professional and focused.

Andrew Hulsmeier Photographer, videographer, editor. Trained under a top photographer in London. 30 years experience in photography and lighting; 17 years in video.

VIDEOGRAPHY - Camera facilities
2 Betacam SP cameras
On location colour monitors
Wide angle lenses
Filters, Diffusers, Reflectors, Gels
Dolly and Track
Steady-Cam for smooth camera motion
Spacious shooting studio with built - in psych and background for chroma and matte key
On-location audio utilising wireless and Sennheiser boom microphones

VIDEOGRAPHY - Editing facilities
3 Media 100 Digital Editing Workstations outputting international broadcast quality standards.
30GB of hard drive space fro fast, reliable results.
A portfolio of professional software designed to facilitate the maximum range of special effects, including chroma and matte key, morphs, warps, transition, 3d animation and more.
The latest version of Photoshop, Aftereffects, Illustrator, Premier, Extensis, Painter, Effetto Pronto and more. Your graphics and artwork can be easily imported into our systems via our software.


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Studio and location photography
Digital imaging & film photography using the best technology Hasselblad Camera and Digital 465 back for instant high quality photographs
Images can be transferred instantly form our camera to your system via Zip disk (Mac or PC)
Noblex Panoramic camera for high impact 151 degree wide angle images
Studio flash and professional lighting system
Processing of film (via external sources)
High end 3 pass transparency scanning of 35mm to 4 by 5 3000 dpi on 35 mm and 1000 dpi on 4 by 5
Thermal dye diffusion printer delivers unsurpassed photographic quality up to 8 by 10
Stock photography archives of people, scenery, buildings, fine art and flowers

72 track top of the line digital recording studio for your voice overs, jingles, radio shows, music beds and CD's
We have access to all the artists you need for your production.


Kitchen facilities
Changing rooms
Comfortable air conditioned editing suites
Light refreshments
Catering available on request
Large LDV van for transport of equipment, crew and props

Send us an email to arrange either a 'virtual' or 'actual' meeting.




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